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12 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom - Doctopus
Written by an educator for educators, the free doctopus script gives teachers the ability to auto-generate, pre-share, and manage grading and feedback on templated Docs for group and individual projects.

ReadWriteThink Professional Learning
ReadWriteThink’s free Strategy Guide series Teaching with Technology provides tips, how-to’s and examples that will help teachers keep up with what’s new with technology and also see how they may integrate technology into the classroom. Strategy Guides in the series include Bringing Lessons to Life with Animoto (grades 5–12), Online Safety (grades 6–12), Reading Online (grades 6–12), Speak to Me: Teaching with Voki (grades 6–12), Teaching with Blogs (grades 6–12), Teaching with Glogster: Using Virtual Posters in the Classroom (grades 3–12), Teaching with Podcasts (grades 6–12), Teaching with Zooming Slideshows through Prezi (grades 6–12) and Using Glogster to Support Multimodal Literacy (grades 3–12).

TOOLS For Exploring Activity:
connections -
sas curriculum pathways
oer commons
project gutenberg
oer commons -
epub formats - most likely read by an e-reader (?)

can create epubs from webpages using
can create wikipedia content into epub within wikipedia allows you to create, read, and share using a browser

bookbin is a piece of software that allows you to create epubs
Calibre another free software to create epubs - allows you to have a class book that everyone can annotate, highlight, etc.

Also: Medieval Helpdesk with English Subtitles

CIA's "Facebook" Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs

Use the outline of this session:
Nine categories of instructional strategies that most impact student learning identified in Classroom Instruction that Works (ASCD, 2001). Then, participants will learn how using applications with specific activities included on the student laptops. These strategies make best use of exciting technologies while ensuring sound pedagogy

Handout from the session:
Upload file CITW APPS-ISTE 2012


Class DoJo to track student behavior in class. Great Tool!! A curation service of news and social media You choose articles and “scoopit” and it is added to your scoop it page Can also search ScoopIt for pages created around a topic

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I would like to review the basics of Open Office and how it works with Microsoft and iWork applications and docs.
Liz Whaley
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