I teach, therefore you learn... or do you?

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Technology Integration Matrix
Video as a Teaching Tool - Sophia
Project and Lesson Creation:Individual and Small Group
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Discussion Points

  • What are the strengths of the laptops for teaching and learning?
  • Which tools on the laptops support integration in your classes?
  • Which tools do you still need or want training on?
  • During what percentage of your classes have students been using laptops?
  • Did that change over the course of the year?
  • Challenges?
  • What are some additional types of support students or teachers need?
  • End of year: When will 8th grade students finish with their laptops? Damage to laptops - tied to graduation?


Technology Integration Matrix

The Technology Integration Matrix is from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at the University of Southern Florida
Evaluate your level of technology integration along the matrix - where do you fall?
This website also contains useful videos and descriptors for the student, teacher, and learning environment
Technology Integration Matrix document (for Laura M.): see here

Video as an Instructional Tool

Sophia Website - teacher-created videos; also allows you to upload or create your own videos, create playlists, share with students, etc.
Mathtrain - Student-created videos online
How effective is the one-size fits all lecture?
Making your own videos with the Document Camera

Research Tools

Sweet Search-- search engine of evaluated online resources
Finding Dulcinea -- web guide for educators
Scoop.it! -- magazine like place to curate your resources
Ambiently -- find similar websites
Library of Congress -- the place to go for primary source documents

Math Site
Real World Math