Summer Professional Development - Laptops for Learning
August 23, 2011 - 7th Grade Teachers
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Teachers: Before we begin our day please either create a MindMeister account or log in to your account. Ask for help if you need it.

August 23, 2011 Agenda

Introduction: 21st Century Learners & MindMeister
Stations: Wikispaces and Google Docs
Logistics and Discussion
Laptop Tools to Support Instruction
One Cool Tool!
Reflections in GarageBand
Rest up for tomorrow!

1. 21st Century Learners

In what ways do 21st Century Learners acquire or gain skill or knowledge?
What types of teaching methods will we employ with them?
Let's brainstorm ways to meet the challenges.
(Keynote with intro, movie, and summary of video ideas available:** Summary Ideas for 21st Century Learners Video)
Mindmeister shared map

Shared Google Doc

Shared Google Doc 2

2. Stations

Station Groups
Group 1: Carol, Dave, Sue, Deb, , Elizabeth
Group 2: Sara, Matt, Kelly, Katie, Karina,

wikispaces_bigger.png Station 1: Wikispaces with Paula

10_google-docs.jpgStation 2: Google Docs with Liz

  • Google Documents for Collaboration
    Access our collaborative document here: Laptops for Learning in 7th Grade
  • Forms for information gathering and polls!
    Take the survey created for you.
  • Create your own form:Collect student passwords for the server, textbook numbers, parent email addresses or best contact information, survey students. Assess students' understanding with a few questions at the end of class or find out if they did their reading for homework last night.

3. Lunch

4. Logistics and Planning

  • Plan rollout and schedule classes.
    • Grade 7 - Rollout and use computers in core classes only - September 6 - 9 Each 7th grade teacher has the laptops of students in his/her ninth period class. The roll out will happen in your core classes. It will take about an hour.
    • Stress to 7th grade students: Keep your laptop with you at all times or place it in your locked locker. This is a change for students
    • Student logins and syncing
    • Passing periods... time management
    • Computer problems: help in the computer lab during advisory or before/after school
    • Loaner laptops

  • Documents students will receive during rollout:
    • Seventh Grade Rollout Documents:

  • Students: technology self monitoring:
    Students off task: We are going to target off task students. We want to try to build some self monitoring on the part of our students. We do not want to block programs for all students if we can avoid it. We also want to minimize wasted instructional time.

  • Bandwidth Issues: YouTube, TeacherTube, GoogleEarth, Streaming music

  • Students need to be reminded that they must be responsible for their use of their laptop and the network. Laptops are for teacher directed, school related work. Liz and/or Paula will be meeting with students over the course of the year to remind students of their responsibilities.

  • Technical problems: email the appropriate person

  • Sign up to have Liz or Paula come work with you or your class. Make sure you let us know what we're doing!
    Liz's Schedule can be accessed here.
    Paula's Schedule can be accessed here

  • Miscellaneous Items
    • Color printing costs
    • Technology Assistance: Please do not email Matt for technology assistance. Vern has asked that you email Liz. We will look over help requests and send those to Matt that we need him to handle. We do not want Matt stopped in the halls or pulled off task. He still has large projects to finish that affect many users.

  • What is on your students' computers? Review bookmarks and programs

  • Internet Safety Lessons: There have been changes to this curriculum in the last year. Please look this over and decide who will be teaching this to students. It is mandated by the State of Illinois that all students will be part of an Internet Safety class.

5. Laptop Tools to Support Instruction

Use zoom, QuickTime, and screen capture to hook students!

6. One Cool Tool - Animoto for Education

Uses for Animoto
  • Art exhibition
  • Interesting opening for a presentation
  • Use as an introduction to a new topic or unit of study to pique students' interest
  • Create a short report: Record your message and music in GarageBand and share to iTunes. Then import that file into Animoto.
  • Photo collage - example: Abraham Lincoln and some important events in his life
  • Read a poem into a program like GarageBand and choose pictures to illustrate the poem

Great things about Animoto
  • Animoto is intuitive and easy to use. It is easier and faster than creating a PowerPoint and yields much more visually satisfying products.
  • Great selection of images and music on the site or you can upload your own images
  • After you choose your images, text and music the site then adds effects to create a very interesting dynamic presentation. It really looks professionally done.
  • Can upgrade videos to DVD-quality
  • You can add text (title slides) to the presentation
  • If you do not like the video, hit the remix button and animoto will not only redo the video but it will save the original version
  • You recieve an email notification informing you when your video is finished
  • No limit on how many videos you can create
  • For a small price of $3.00/video you can make a full length video and for a $30.00 annual feel you can make as many videos as you want.

Drawbacks about Animoto
  • The 30 second limit for free videos does limit the amount of information you can present.
  • You do have to create a user account to create videos.
  • Limited text capabilities (text cannot be added to pictures)

7. Reflections in GarageBand

What impacted you as a teacher today? What have you learned? What do you want to implement this year?
  • Open a new document in GarageBand and call it your name and put the word Reflection in the file name.
  • Record a reflection about today and what you learned that you can implement with your students.
  • Go to the share menu and the podcast to iTunes.
  • Send the iTunes file to Liz or Paula.

**August 24, 2011 Wikipage**