Summer Professional Development - Laptops for Learning - 5th and 6th Grade Teachers


Welcome with video and discussion
Housekeeping - Paula with 6th Grade Teachers and Liz With the 5th Grade Teachers
Vern presents PowerSchool Studio

Welcome Back!
Show video: Re-Imagining Learning in the 21st Century saved to my computer.
Available on YouTube:
Keynote to frame discussion of this video. Teachers will count off 1 - 4 and find a group of three of the same number to work with.
Discuss the video in terms of the slide you are assigned. Gather notes of your responses on a Google Doc, wiki, MindMeister, or wherever you want to collect your information. Have one teacher be the scribe. Come back together, hook up computers, and share.
SlideShare Keynote:
Have you learned anything new this summer? Is there any new technology which promises to deliver more to our students?
A Group 1 has created a wiki page to record their thoughts.

Housekeeping: Rollout, Scheduling, etc.

1. Plan rollout and schedule classes.
Grade 5 - Wednesday, August 31, September 1 and 2 or the week of September 12 -16
Grade 6 - Rollout and use computers in core classes only - September 6 - 9 Each 6th grade teacher has the laptops of students in his/her first period class.
Stress to 6th grade students: Keep your laptop with you at all times or place it in your locked locker.

Documents students will receive during rollout:
Sixth Grade Rollout Documents:

Fifth Grade Rollout Document:

2. Students: technology self monitoring
Bandwidth Issues: YouTube, TeacherTube, GoogleEarth, Streaming music
Students need to be reminded that they must be responsible for their use of their laptop and the network. Laptops are for teacher directed, school related work. Liz and/or Paula will be meeting with students over the course of the year to remind students of their responsibilities.
Students off task: We are going to target off task students. We want to try to build some self-monitoring on the part of our students. We do not want to block programs for all students if we can avoid it.

3. Email Liz or Paula for assistance or sign up on our schedules.
Sign up to have Liz or Paula come work with you or your class. Make sure you let us know what we're doing!
Liz's Schedule can be accessed here.
Paula's Schedule can be accessed here.

4. Miscellaneous Items
  • Color printing costs
  • Technology Assistance: Please do not email Matt for technology assistance. Vern has asked that you email Liz for elementary technology issues and Paula for Hauser. We will look over help requests and send those to Matt that we need him to handle. We do not want Matt stopped in the halls or pulled off task. He still has large projects to finish that affect many users.

5. What is on your students' computers? Review bookmarks and programs

6. Internet Safety Lessons: There have been changes to this curriculum in the last year. Please look this over and decide who will be teaching this to students. It is mandated by the State of Illinois that all students will be part of an Internet Safety class.

5th Grade Internet Safety Lessons
6th Grade Internet Safety Lessons

PowerSchool Studio Introduction

Vern: Welcome to PowerSchool Studio - an online classroom. PowerSchool Studio is a web-based connected learning environment. Learn ways to implement this tool with your students.


Station 1
Students as Publishers
Sharing student work online becomes more important as they become distance learners. They need ways to share video, podcasts, photos, slide shows and other projects they create with others. We will look at several ways to share these files effectively. Slideshare, Vimeo, and PhotoBucket or Picasa as sharing will be explored.

Station 2
Google Docs Tips and Tricks
Our discussion may include any of the following:


What did you find today that you will implement this year?
  • Open a new document in GarageBand and call it your name and put the word Reflection in the file name.
  • Record a reflection about today and what you learned that you can implement with your students.
  • Go to the share menu and Send the Podcast to iTunes.
  • Send the iTunes file to Liz or Paula via email.

Rollout discussions:Adding PrintersPrinting in Black and White
Scheduling Rollout for 6-BLUE, Tuesday, September 68:50 - 9:43 (53 minutes) Teacher 19:45 - 10:38 (53 minutes) Teacher 210:40 - 11:33 (53 minutes) Teacher 3
Scheduling Rollout for 6-GOLD; Wednesday, September 78:50 - 9:509:52 - 10:5210:54 - 11:33 (