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Welcome - Video and Share Projects!
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Flipping the Classroom
Plan a Project, Explore a Tool or Get HelpVoiceThread, QuickTime Player, Edmodo, Explore Your New Textbook, Find or Create Videos for the Classroom

Welcome and Sharing (Liz)

Go to this link and speak into VoiceThread to share one project or method for technology integration you have used in your language classes.

VoiceThread (Liz)

  • Always begin at the District 96 VoiceThread site for education.
  • VoiceThread gives students time to think about and plan their response before posting to the discussion.
  • Language expression is strengthened because students can correct any mistakes in voice recordings.

  • Using VoiceThread as a Tool for Language Learning - Several Spanish Language lessons using VoiceThread

Edmodo (Paula)

QuickTime Player, Vacaroo and Quizlet (Liz)

QuickTime Player: record and then duplicate or export the file.
Students can use the Turn In function in Edmodo to send these files to teachers or put them in a dropbox on the server.

Flipping the Classroom (Paula)

Find out More:

Resources for Finding Video in the Classroom:
  • TedEd: Ted videos for education(Lessons worth Sharing) - high-quality videos on different subjects (including The art of the Metaphor); TedEd videos come complete with lessons and "quizzes;" you can customize and send to your students like this example I created.
  • YouTube Teachers - videos created by teachers or for teachers; check out the playlists (collections of videos appropriate for teachers), for example, Figurative Language (13 videos)
  • YouTube EDU - Like YouTube Teachers, contains videos appropriate for school; including CC Prose Audiobooks
  • iTunes - podcasts, iTunes U - students can download podcasts to their laptops
  • TeacherTube
  • Sophia Website - created by teachers; create an account, create a screencast and upload; use someone else's video; create a playlist for your students
  • SAS Curriculum Pathways - Lots of Spanish resources including Custom, Culture, People, and Places
  • WatchKnowLearn - free educational videos. The site is collaborative and allows you to build your own classroom for your content. Over 1,000 foreign language videos.
  • Khan Academy at iTunes U: Some science videos including biology, chemistry, physics, biology, and astronomy
    • Because the Khan Academy website links to YouTube, students cannot watch these videos in school - only at home.
    • Khan Academy videos are also available as podcasts in iTunesU. Students can watch the these videos at school and can download them onto their computers or mobile devices.
Making Your own Video:
  • Quick Time Player - screen recording; record a Keynote, PowerPoint, prezi, and more
  • Camtasia software allows screen recording and so much more; try it for 30 days for free!

Places to Host your Video:

Plan a Lesson or Explore a Tool

District 96 VoiceThread
District 96 Edmodo

Other Foreign Language Links and Resources:

  • General:
    • Spanish Proficiency Exercises (Orlando Kelm)
    • Senor Wooly's Website/Blog - music, videos, and games - very funny!
    • Duolingo - learn a new language
    • Imendi - Flashcard-like game; no sign-in required
    • Lingt Classroom - create a class, post an assignment, students can respond orally
    • Lyrics Gaps - learn a language through music and song lyrics
    • Memrise - sign up to learn a language
    • Nabber - part vocabulary study tool, part social network
    • Nulu Languages - Learn Spanish by reading stories, listening to native speakers, discussing with others, and practicing with flashcards
    • Word Steps - create your own database of words to learn - use pictures and sound, practice with exercises
    • xtranormal - storytelling made fun - create animations with your words
    • goanimate - make amazing animated videos

  • Online tools for recording audio
    • Vocaroo - Online tool for recording, then sharing an audio file - students can email you their recordings; no sign-up required
    • Blabberize - A funny way to make avatars speak
    • Voki - create a speaking avatar; up to 60 second recordings; can choose from a variety of foreign-language voices; lesson plans