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Agenda for Monday:

1. Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Learners (video)

2. Mindmeister

Here is the map we created today. It may change as people add to it.

Click here to see the online (current) version. (Password is "Liz")

3. GarageBand - Podcasting

Apple has some great tutorial videos you may want to use as a reference. There are also tutorials for the rest of the iLife programs.

4. iTunes Resources

Podcasts - over 100,000 audio and video podcasts available for free
iTunes U:
  • Over 600 universities distribute content on iTunes U - about half are available to the public
  • Beyond Campus section of iTunes U has content from other institutions - libraries, museums, radio, etc.
  • Many forms of content available on iTunes U - pdfs, movies, audiobooks, slideshows
  • University of South Florida has created Lit@Go - audiobooks; browse in iTunes or use their website,

5. Numbers

Pyramids of the World Numbers spreadsheet:

6. Project Based Learning Assessment

Rubrics in project based learning: RubiStar .

7. Flip Video Cameras

8. Reflections using GarageBand



1. Google Docs

Here is a Google Docs podcast:

Liz's Schedule can be accessed here.
Paula's Schedule can be accessed here.

2. Dabbleboard
Explore this tool and share with others

3. iMovie and Green Screen

Create a movie using a green screen and iMovie '09.
For tutorials on working with iMovie, visit this Apple site.

4. Skype

Skype website - download the application for free
Skype Getting Started Guide for Mac OSX
Skype an Author - Virtual visits in your classroom
50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom - scroll to the bottom to find out how to locate others using Skype
The Want Ads has educators who are looking for others to participate in a Skype project.
This Directory contains a list of authors and others willing to Skype with students.

5. Advanced Keynote


Introduction to Wiki Authoring

use for help with wiki creation, management or embedding
also, here is a handout for Wiki basics: