Meeting - 9/8/10

Need to retrieve passwords from Gaggle - or find a work-around (delete student account, try to recreate?)
  • Liz will create a spreadsheet - send to 6th grade teachers - teachers fill out students' passwords so that all passwords can be consistent among the students' log-ins, for all accounts

Afternoons: Students bringing computers with them all afternoon
Singh seems willing to let kids bring their laptops to art (Jen) - can temporarily put laptops in their bins until cabinets come
Tomorrow (9/9/10) - students will bring laptops with them all afternoon - both teams
(Liz will talk to Singh to make sure he knows they will have them and it's OK)

Bringing them Home
  • Tomorrow (9/9/10) - GOLD will take laptops home
Jodi and Amanda will give the students their power supplies at the end of the day
Liz will come speak with students in LA classes (Kovar) tomorrow

  • BLUE team - Liz will come during advisory on Monday (BLUE team)- BLUE will take home on Monday, September 13
  • Ben will remove the chargers during the day tomorrow, (GOLD team) and Monday (BLUE team)
  • Students will take laptops home over weekends and holidays - we only have one set of chargers
  • Once students can take laptops home, required to take them home every night - they must be charged

Lost computers

  • Students must be responsible for their own laptops
  • Barbi - Student not allowed to use it since he had lost it the day before (computer had to charge anyway)
  • Jen - what should teachers do when students say they've lost it
  • If early enough, any teacher who finds a computer should look up that student's 4th period class and have it returned to that teacher
  • Lost computers should be brought to the computer lab - office - if it's too late to take to core teachers
  • Liz will have list of all students, alphabetically, by 4th period classes for Computer Lab so they can be returned

eEditions of textbooks
Social Studies is all online - all students have access (Tomkins - GOLD)
Barbi may have discs with e-editions for those students whose parents are concerned about textbook weight

Both Teams' Meeting, 9/29/10

Vern started with some PowerSchool issues:
  • Assigning a score of 0 to an ABS score (use Preferences in PowerTeacher Gradebook); entering your own score codes (also in Preferences); keyboard shortcuts for score codes (on the opening splash screen when you click on PowerTeacher Gradebook)
  • Birthday List - Inside PowerTeacher Gradebook, Under Tools, Birthdays - by class, all students
  • Sending a Class Email - from Reports, run a Student Report -> you can send a group email to one class's parents -> from Student Roster, select ONLY Guardian Email and then copy from the pdf and paste into the bcc field

Liz then started a discussion about Friday's professional development for all 6th grade teachers
Liz sent everyone an email - with a link to a wiki with the information about what the teachers will be doing on Friday - please add to the Discussion tab and let her know

All the teachers at the meeting were invited to join this wiki; we hope to use it as the year goes on to communicate about issues related to the 1:1

Liz: what do the students need to bring home with them? Some parents have expressed concern about the amount of books, etc. along with the laptops; Mary expressed one of three of her math classes need textbook; Social Studies is all online and students have one at home (both teams); Reading (Literature) books rarely if ever take go home; Science books will go home 2nd and 3rd trimester but it is not thick/heavy; Blue team said students will also have spirals; students will also have assignment book, library or independent reading book. Teachers: some students bring social studies and math books home even though they don't need to.

Advisory Meetings, Jan./Feb. 2011

(These notes from Jan. 31, 2011)

Computer is to be used for teacher-directed, school purposes only
  • No email - Gaggle only, and only for school purposes
  • No iGoogle
  • No YouTube unless teacher has asked you to use it for specific purposes
  • Music listening is OK if the teacher has approved it. - Don't stream music off of a website; OK to use off of your iTunes library

Questions: What if there is a good website (i.e., typing program) - with good games
No iTunes radio use - also streams the music

During Advisory - do not use computer for things you don't need to be doing. We can look out on the network and see what's going on. You must be responsible: school-related, teacher directed only

No PhotoBooth, Google Earth or iChat
These programs will be turned on when a teacher needs to use it for a school project

Protect your computer - we have many more broken screens than last year
  1. Only the laptop goes in the bag
  2. Hinge-side down
  3. Power Supply (if you must carry it) on the side away from the Apple side of your laptop
  4. Always zip the zipper so laptop doesn't fall out
  5. NEVER put a pencil or pen inside the computer
  6. Set your computer on a table, on/in a desk or bookcase - NOT on the floor or on the back of the chair
  7. Be careful in the hallways -
  8. No food, water or other liquids around the computer

Before you go home, you must shut down

Do you need help? Look for Mr. Ahlenius/ Ms. Tousignant / Mrs. Whaley - Come to the Computer Lab: before or after school, or during Advisory